Friday, February 25, 2011

Anyone Looking For A FREE house? I found One Yesterday In Dixon.

Does it need work, of course but it is FREE if you move it to your site. This can be done with the FHA 203k loan program, not a Streamlined k however. This would be a Full 203k loan. This is "perfect for a 203k" and if you think there aren't more homes that you can get for FREE you are clearly mistaken. Appraising a 203k property is a challenge some times. Can you imagine this one being appraised and measured here and then moved to another site, hopefully in town but possibly anywhere in the State. House are moved for many reasons, in this case it is in the way of a subdivision. I've seen them widening highways where blocks of homes had to be moved. The easiest way is the 203k.

Do you have a residential lot in the Dixon area? If so, how would you like to sell it with this house on it?