Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Get Trained In 203K

When Mike Young took his first seminar from HUD on the 203k loan program it was evident to him that there was no real guidance for being a consultant. He was quick to seek out another consultant who had been doing a few projects and on day two of their meeting came up with some excel spreadsheet with the beginnings of the first software for 203k consultants he was to offer.

In 1995 the 203k was going strong and Mike hired a programmer to create his first 'dos' version of the software. Also in 1995 Mike had to hire and train about 15 consultants for his own business and went on the road teaching consultants around the country.

At one point there were three 'for profit' companies listed on the HUD website as official trainers for 203k consultants. Mike had trained the other two.

Mike traveled extensively for several years from Allentown PA to Orlando FL, to San Diego CA, to Seattle WA and many places inbetween.

In 1998 he had the first of his 'Windows' versions created and in 2010 was the biggest advancement to his software offering. We are about to have this years advancements released.

We train consultants, lenders, contractors, home inspectors, architects, engineers, handymen, and appraisers how to become 203k consultants.

There is plenty of work out there. Look here for more information!