Wednesday, July 18, 2012

203k FHA Loans For Home Rehabilitation

The FHA (Federal Housing Administration) a division of HUD (U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development) has loan programs that help Americans own homes. They also have a program that has been created as a home repair and rehabilitation loan. It's actually a mortgage to purchase a property that is for more than the property is currently worth leaving funds to fix up the purchase. The home rehabilitation loans for home rehabilitation help a community by helping the homeowners maintain the properties they buy which can revitalize an older area.

FHA 203k loans for home rehabilitation can work in a few ways for an existing property consisting of one to four units. The property can be purchased (dwelling & land) and the FHA 203k loan can be used to repair and/or rehabilitate the purchased property. Another way in which the loan can be used is for a dwelling to be purchased and then moved to a new foundation on mortgaged property where the 203k loan will help rehabilitate the property on its new location. The 203k FHA loan can also be used to refinance mortgages while providing cash out to repair a dwelling. In all cases it gives people an outlet to be able to buy "fixer-upper's."

This type of loan is not a new concept; however, most people did not have any use for them and used home equity loans instead. When home prices were rising many home owners had enough equity in their homes to obtain an equity loan for home repairs. In the last couple of years as home prices decreased home equity loans have not been an option. For homeowners that want to fix up their home but cannot due to not having the extra money and not being able to fit the guidelines of a home equity loan anymore, the FHA 203k has become the answer. In our time of an economic crisis these 203k FHA loans for home rehabilitation work great for buying a foreclosure and being able to fix it up.

The amount of money that a FHA 203k loan user obtains depends on the repairs that are being done. The total of the loan will be based on the value of the property after the repairs and rehabilitation work has been completed. The amount allowed will come from an appraiser and/or home inspector and cannot exceed $35,000 for the repairs portion. The seller benefits from the government refinancing loan for home rehabilitation because they do not have to spend money for home repairs and the buyer benefits by getting a good buy on a property and then immediately having the money to fix it up.

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