Sunday, October 28, 2012

Basics Of FHA 203k Loan Rates

Before you learn about the 203k loan rates, you must know what it means and how it affects your finance. Basically, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) is a United States government agency that was established as a part of the National Housing Act of 1934. This agency was created with the following goals:
1. To improve housing conditions and standards
2. To provide a proper home financing system through mortgage loan
3. To control and stabilize the mortgage market
Sometimes FHA 203k loans are also called 'rehab' or 'fixed'. 203k loan scheme comprises two loans together - home improvement loan and credits for buying a new project. Following is a discussion regarding the advantages and disadvantages of applying for credits with 203k loan rates.
Advantages and disadvantages
The major benefit of a 203k loan is that you get only one scheme for both home improvement and purchase of a property. This reduces your paperwork and the costs that are incurred in the whole process. Being a government funded agency, the rates are quite competitive as compared to banks and other lenders. With 203k loan rates of interest buying a home that banks might otherwise not provide funding for, becomes easier.
There are not many disadvantages of a FHA 203k loan rates for funding home improvement or property buying project. It just takes longer to close. To minimize the disadvantages, there are many credit broking organizations that might help you to drift smoothly with your money management.
Working of 203k
This scheme can pay for a home and its improvement. The amount of the money borrowed that you are entitled to depend on your geographic location. The amount of coverage also varies accordingly. Generally FHA 203k loan rates of interest are for loans which are 110 percent of home's projected value after the improvement or purchase. There are also smaller schemes which allow you to take on smaller projects. 203k loan rates are based on the agreement that work must be finished within 6 months of closing. Remember that you cannot borrow extra amounts if you run out of the amount given to you. You must therefore consult with a good broking company that might help you with accurate estimation prior to application for the amount.
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