Saturday, July 13, 2013

Borrower's Guide to the 203k

203k Borrower's Guide

Now you can get the money to purchase or refinance your home AND "fix it up" all in one low interest loan.

This handy guide provides you with all the information you need to be knowledgeable when you go to purchase or refinance your next home or small income property using this unique rehab loan product. HUD has increased the loan limits so this loan can be used in most neighborhoods in the USA.

It is my opinion that every home sale or refinance made within the FHA loan limits should be a 203k. Your home isn't really yours till you replace the carpeting and repaint. Why would a real estate professional allow a client to purchase a home with a leaking faucet or a bad roof... this loan substantially reduces their potential liability on every sale. All around this is a good deal for everyone involved.

If you have bought or sold a home recently that needs work you should consider the 203k. You can now refinance it and get the money to repair it with a good likelihood of no more money out of your pocket.

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