Thursday, July 25, 2013

Can You Move a Home From Another Site Using the FHA 203k Loan?

I've always found it interesting to see a home going down the street on it's way to another site, just waiting for someone to throw out some dish water out the back door... lol , not really

In the case of moving a home from one site to another several things must be present to qualify for a 203k loan.

1) The house being move must be on it's original foundation. It can't have been moved already to a storage sit while awaiting a lot to move it to.

2) HUD engineering must observe the home on the present site prior to the move and at the new location once sit & bolted on the new foundation.

3) The mover's insurance must cover the home during the move. Looking at the contract this mover has it suggests the borrower is responsible for damages up to $2,500, I don't think this will fly with HUD but apparently the borrower is willing to accept that responsibility. We'll see.
Once the home is bolted to the new foundation a draw payment can be made that covers the moving expenses as well per the 203k loan program.

The one we are doing right now is being moved onto a site that has a well and needs a septic system. In all cases the well and septic work must be part of the first draw or you may find you are waiting until it is. This sounds logical but years ago I was working on the first draw on a stick built home for a lender client. The home had a new foundation, the sub floor was installed, the well worked, and when I asked about the septic system was informed they hadn't started that yet.

I reported to the bank and told them I instructed the borrower to have the septic system ready for inspection at the next draw (not an FHA loan by the way). He agreed. I went to the draw 2 inspection to find out that they couldn't "perk" and a new "hillside" septic system is being installed at an additional cost of $70,000. I was shocked that they didn't have to pass the "perk test" prior to getting the building permits issued. Who would have guessed?

4) Permits is another issue, if you need permits on a job for the work that you plan to do... get them early. It might even save you a fine. I once had a fixer we had just foreclosed on. I had the property secured and hired a guy to mow the lawn. He called me and told me the building inspection department was pissed off at me and red tagged my building telling him he must STOP work and get off the property. 

I immediately went to the building inspection department and told them of the incident. They looked it up and said "yes, here it is with a note that you are hereby fined and must pay double permit fees".
I said okay how much do I owe you... they said it isn't that easy we need to make an appointment to visit the property to see just how much work has been done... I said bring it on.. so far we just mowed about half the front lawn. Some of these inspection departments are just a little wacky.

The inspection cost me $25 and the inspector was the same one who 'red tagged' the property. When she made the inspection and found no work had been done she was a little red faced. I asked her why she sent the lawn mower guy away.. it isn't typically permitted. She got a little more red. Life is fun, then you...