Thursday, August 15, 2013

Get Our latest 203k Software Version for Consultants

This version is loaded with new features, more forms, & has our proprietary system for recapturing the Streamlined "k" business for our 203k consultant clients and trainees.
Want the best of all worlds - get all of our marketing strategies, training aids, and we'll help you market YOUR business in YOUR town by being one of our business partners.
There are lots of areas still open but we do restrict the number of "remote offices" available in a marketing area. Be better than the rest by joining the company that prides itself on "Providing more than our clients expect"

Award winning software voted most complete 203k package presented to mortgage bankers associations in many areas of the USA since 1995. This product provides the lenders with everything they need to complete a 203k other than the 203b portion of the loan package. Our consultants then have an easy sell. Many lenders require the output of our product just to do business with them. Join our team of consultants nationally. Once you plug in your general information you simply print the 'initial inspection report package' and get all the forms and contracts you need for your first meeting with your client. The entire process is simplified to make you look like a professional with your first project. The lenders are typically impressed with all of the contracts they have been filling out by hand now provided in crisp neat pre printed forms that save them time and effort. We even include some 'lender specific' forms required by certain lenders for their packages... just click on that button when you are ready to print and those forms are added to your package ready to turn in.

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