Sunday, September 8, 2013

203k Consulting Software and Training Nationally

I was just reading another blog on linkedin and someone was asking if consultants had created their own spread sheet for completing the draws on their 203k projects. I have to laugh when I see things like this. Are they really serious? 

If you are a 203k consultant and using this as a means to achieve your draw requests... you are like a cave man using a wheel barrow to get around rather than a brand new Cadillac. Our complete, the most complete software for consultants available today, is so much more than an excel spread sheet there is no comparison whatsoever. 

If you are a certified 203k HUD consultant and are in this category please request a FREE trial of our "award winning software". 

If you are a consultant and don't have a clue about what you are supposed to do, our entire package costs about half of your first project income. You can't afford to wait. 

Lenders need 203k software too

... use our software to complete all their forms for the streamlined k loans. It actually breaks down the specs per trade contractor, creates the required homeowner/contractor contract and all of the other forms the lender needs to complete the paperwork for their Streamlined k loans.

Hey, for that matter, if you are a lender and your consultant is using a spread sheet type draw form and doesn't provide you with all of your paperwork properly filled out you can get a FREE trial too. You may be using the wrong consultant all this time. Holy Cow, you need to be up to speed too.

If you are a homeowner and your consultant just turned in a report that your lender said "we can't use this" and tossed it in the garbage go to 203k911 and we'll help straighten it up for you. Think it can't happen, well tell that to our client in Savanna GA where it just did happen.  

Realtors having issues with your consultant?

If you have an issue with your consultant work write up we may be able to assist you and get your project back on track. Contact right away, the longer you wait, you aren't being paid.

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