Saturday, October 5, 2013

Buying a Fixer Upper Home to Renovate

If you are considering buying a home, now is the perfect time to do so. With interest rates at all-time lows and competitive property values, it is definitely a buyer's market. With that in mind, know that there are going to be hundreds of potential listings to check out, all of which will have their own pros and cons. While a new build may seem enticing and have everything you're looking for, it is important to never stray from your budget. The convenience of new construction comes at a high premium, which is why going with a fixer upper is usually a better option.

Renovating is cost-effective and open-ended

Most people don't realize that buying an older home and renovating it is generally a much cheaper alternative. You have to see past the flaws to and realize the potential a property has before checking it off the list. Most of the time, all it takes is a bit of cosmetic work and a few upgrades to make an outdated home look stunning. Going this route will also give you the ability to customize the house to meet your personal style and taste. Doesn't starting with a blank canvas sound fun? If this doesn't excite you, hopefully the cost savings and added equity will. You may be surprised how much a home's value can increase with a little handy work. Thus, before you get sucked in by a flashy property with fancy amenities, remember you can get all this and more by purchasing a home in need of renovation.

Rooms to remodel

If you buy a fixer upper, chances are you're going to have more money in the bank to apply towards renovations costs (after all that is the point). If you want to make a great first impression and skyrocket your equity right out of the gates, focus on the bathrooms and kitchen. Aside from your master suite, these rooms should comprise a large chunk of your budget. Installing new countertops and adding stainless steel appliances can instantly transform any drab room into a designer-series space. Granite countertops (along with quartz) are big selling points and will last a lifetime without fail.

The best part about purchasing a fixer upper is you will have the opportunity to truly make the house your "home," and that is what it is all about. A little elbow grease and patience goes a long way!

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