Saturday, April 12, 2014

Typical or Common FHA 203k Projects Might Look Like These


What does a typical 203k project look like? Here are a few that we saw in the past year...

Typical 203k project 1
SFR south of San Jose. Needed a new roof, heating system was well beyond it's useful life. Vegitation growing all over the home... clinging vines, dated kitchen and bathrooms. Seller ignored repairs for years thus a lower than typical sales price would be in order.

Typical 203k 2
Duplex northease of Davis. Lack of typical maintenace over a long period of time caused damage to wood members that might have been avoided with normal owner preventive mainteance. Seller should eat the loss here as this never should have gotten this bad.
Typical 203k project 3
SFR in Vallejo. This cute home just need some updating and weatherization.

Typical 203k project 4
SFR in SF had an illegal lower level unit. Someone convered the basement to a second living area but forgot to obtain permits and then failed to use common construction methods. Seller should carry the brunt of the cost in a lower sales price.

Pretty much anything is a typical FHA 203k renovation potenial property. If you are trying to sell a home with a bad roof or a marginal roof and it leaks just after the home is sold, you will likely get sued... not if you had suggested a 203k to replace that faulty roof as it would be a warrantee item.