Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Pros and Cons of Buying a Fixer Upper

Real estate is an extremely flexible industry where anything can happen and everything is definitely possible. In terms of home purchase, there are different options that potential home buyers and real estate investors can choose for the kind of home they wish to buy. One specific type of home available for sale is fixer upper homes. This may not be basically a popular option especially for first time buyers and those who want to transfer in their new dwelling place minus the hassle of fixing it up.

What is fixer upper?

Basically, this homes are ones that you purchase which obviously need some fixtures and repairs due to its poor condition. This is where its unpopular notion originates. For most home buyers, first impression is always influential in their choice of home purchase. Yet for those who see things in a different perspective, such homes are great investments in the future. It actually depends on the buyer's initial judgment and overall assessment whether or not buying a fixer upper is a sound investment or not.

What are the benefits of fixer upper?

Here are some of the deemed advantages when you buy such home. Take note that all the given benefits are only applicable for properties which are strategically located in venues with high appreciative value. Location is a must in real estate, thus, even if you have done wonders in fixer upper homes, if your house is still located in an undesirable and declining area, the result is still not that rewarding.

o Low price cost. This is a premium benefit that buyers who prefer fixer upper homes are entitled with. Compared to the price rates of regular homes for sale, you definitely get tremendous discount when you purchase a property that is less quality and that nobody prefers to purchase in the first place.

o Less competition. You do not have to contend with the seller's price or compete with other potential buyers since the house is yours waiting and sellers eagerly waiting for the liquidation of their property.

o High profitability potential. Again this is only applicable for such homes which have great
location. Look for a fixer upper home that is located in an area that promises an appreciative value in a long-term basis. Homes which are situated in declining places will never get price rates that will compensate all your hard work and invested finances in the renovation of the house.

Are there any bad points for fixer upper homes?

The consequence of purchasing such homes is that you are bound to experience the hassle and bustle of repairing and renovating your home before you can finally settle down. There are conditions that may cost you a fortune for mere fixtures and repairs. Furthermore, you really need to have the required budget for the renovation from start to finish.

Those who are more business and profit inclined, they definitely see a diamond in the rough with fixer upper properties. It depends on you how you make the most out of your investment especially in these types of properties.

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