Monday, August 25, 2014

Streamlined k Software for Your 203k Department

Attention Lenders! This is a sales pitch...
  • So you do allot of Streamlined k loans, how do you manage the contractor/subcontractor paperwork? Cut that paperwork way down and get on to the next project faster.
  • Get a consistent package into your underwriting team
  • Close your Streamlined k loans even faster than you are typically used to.
Do you want even more Streamlined k loans in your pipeline?
  • Try our "Advanced Marketing Program". This program will increase the 203k loans in your pipeline and is a very reasonably price, one time fee.
Do you want more and I mean a lot more FHA 203k and/or HomeStyle® Renovation

  • Call us and we'll set up a meeting to go over the possibilities at your convenience.
Kick the tires on our software for FREE. You can use it in one of your branches or all of your branches absolutely free for 6 months

We will extend this offer to your contractors as well. If you have 203k contractors who aren't using the HUD format and you want them to, just send them here and we'll extend the same offer of a FREE six-month trial of our software to help you get them in line and make your underwriting job easier.

When you decide to purchase, this offer is a one year subscription thereafter for $250 per year. We have been providing this for 19 years. Sign up here