Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Buying a Home with the FHA 203k in Fort Pierce FL


Buying a home with the FHA 203k in Fort Pierce FL or anywhere else for that matter can be smooth or a nightmare. It is mostly attitude. The attitude of the borrower.

Nightmares typically happen when they try to do it themselves. I'm referring to the buyer again. The buyer wants to cut the cost to lower the loan amount, then lower it some more, cutting out all of their dream to achieve this secondary goal. They totally have disconnected from their original goal of buying their dream home.

It is important to keep your eye on the target. If your dream home is sitting there in front of you why then would you want to cut this and that out of the scope of work to keep the payment $30 or $50 per month lower?

Buying that dream home on the other hand is as easy as using a team of professionals. People who have taken the time to learn how to do it correctly and are intent on giving you that "ah ha" feeling that comes with a smooth transaction.

I see so many people who fail to add the work that they want to do to save a small amount on their monthly payment only to become a slave to the house. Every weekend they plan to work on it a little at a time to get those items that would have made this home more like what they wanted. Don't become a slave to your own house. Life is too short and you never know how much time you have left. Enjoy your home and get on with your life.

We have put together such a Team in Fort Pierce and of course they can work the surrounding area for about an hour to two hours around the Fort Pierce area. We have other teams throughout FL that can assist you as well.