Saturday, May 16, 2015

What is Your Consultation Fee?

What is your consultation fee?

That is nearly always a question that gets asked. Well, it is on our order form to make it easy for you to fill out your GFE - Good Faith Estimate of fees and charges. We have attempted to make it so easy and efficient. If you are a lender placing the order and you have ordered before with the same company, you need not fill out all the company information each time, your name and phone number are sufficient. Save yourself some time.

It is however a great asset to be able to copy and paste the information on the order blank. It is important to know the fee your client will be paying for full disclosure purposes but we will need to know the construction budget. Since our fee is based on the amount of the construction it is important to have that little piece of information so we can quote you a cost.

You should also know that there is no protocol for the consultant report and many consultants do the bare minimum for their fee and then we have some, like us, that go way overboard to spoil our clients. We always attempt to "deliver more than you expect".

This week one client stated in an email "It really is very helpful having you as our consultant Mike. Like you said the first day, we will need you in our corner and it does feel like that indeed. So thank you." It is our intention to provide our clients with the best possible product and service they can get. Some get it and some never will. Happily most get that what we do is way beyond what is required and we do it for the same price as those who don't.