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How to Find Your Ideal Fixer-Upper Homes for Sale

Investing in a house is a big decision that often comes with a big price. However, with the right skill set and tools, anyone can buy a fixer-upper home that can be renovated at a more affordable price. These homes for sale are available everywhere and may be just a few repairs away from complete restoration.

What Is a Fixer-Upper?

A fixer-upper home is a piece of property for sale that is in need of renovations, repairs, or overall maintenance. These homes for sale often make great investments, as they can be bought at a discounted price. The extra money is then used to make general repairs either by the buyer or a hired contractor. If done correctly, this strategy can either make for a more affordable investment with less of a down payment or it can allow the buyer to resell the fixed property for a profit.

Your Ideal Fixer-Upper

Many times, the perfect fixer-upper is simply the one whose potential other buyers cannot see. Sagging ceilings, broken windows, or bad carpets can turn other buyers off. If situated in the right neighborhood where property values are likely to increase, buying these fixer-upper homes for sale can make for an ideal, lasting investment. The location is often key.

Conditions to Consider Before Buying

When searching for your next property to restore, there are a few other basic conditions to consider:

- The layout of the used home has many repercussions. A house that is already chopped up into tiny apartments or renovated poorly by past owners can be a bigger job than many can handle. This can involve moving walls, which is expensive and at times impractical with certain foundations.

- Configuration of the property is another aspect that has more weight if you are planning to resell it for profit. Often, houses with three bedrooms or more are sold more easily. Other key aspects are kitchens with more than one entrance, master bedrooms located on the first floor, and a good overall flow.

- The condition of the house is of the utmost importance. Some houses need a little repair, while others need an all-out makeover. One thing to consider when buying your fixer-upper is your skill set. A simple repair for one owner can be a nightmare for another. Be sure you know how to make the repairs needed, or discuss the cost with a trusted contractor.


It is always a smart idea to get your property inspected by a certified expert before making the final purchase. Pest inspections, roof inspections, sewer line inspections, home inspections, and engineering reports can make all the difference in your decision. The experts have the qualifications to assess every detail and can give you a proper assessment of these fixer upper homes for sale.

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