Monday, June 15, 2015

My Fixer Aquisition Cost is $850,000 and It Needs $250,000 in Work

Just got this call... YES, we can help you.

Chris Davis at Everbank will guide you through their process. Just click on the link for Chris' web-page. It still has to appraise for the full amount including the renovation or in this example about $1.1 Million or so.

Last week the question was for a $745,000 sales price and $150,000 in construction. Yes, these are now doable up to $3 Million loan amount. Not the typical LTV of course but Chris will fill you in on their guidelines for this product.

We had one a while back that, had it been a single family home would have worked out well for the $1.5 Million purchase and $625,500 renovation project. You can see that this opens up a whole lot more homes for renovations.

Remember the one we did last year for an $888,000 purchase and $150,000, this loan would have been better for the client than the 203k was able to do.

Now you have renovation financing for those higher end home.

REO Realtors can move more of those high end foreclosures with this loan product.