Monday, July 6, 2015

Easy FHA Loan Qualifications With No Credit Or Bad Credit

If you fall into one of these categories you should definitely consider an FHA loan.

- Considering a home purchase with less than perfect credit

- Considering a home refinance with less than perfect credit

- Considering buying a home but have not established traditional credit.

- Currently in an ARM loan that is due to reset - and have less than perfect credit

If you have less than perfect credit or no traditional credit you may be in luck due to easy FHA loan qualifications.


FHA loan qualification guidelines are perhaps the most lenient in the mortgage world because they do not use FICO scores exclusively to assess your risk as a borrower.

Many With Low FICO Scores Qualify for FHA Loans

FHA makes it's decision on whether or not to grant you a loan based on your total credit profile. For example, your credit score may have taken a dip because of some isolated events in the past, job lay-off, illness, divorce etc...Fortunately FHA lenders look at your bill paying history over the last 2 years to determine if you qualify or not, your low FICO score will not disqualify you from receiving an FHA loan.

FHA Looks at Overall Credit Profile

FHA's philosophy is that the majority of borrowers overcome these financial setbacks. You are truly NOT the high risk your FICO score indicates; even though your credit score may indicate sub-prime status.

FHA will assess your income, recent payback status with current lenders as well your current debt-to-income ratio giving borrowers a chance to purchase or refinance a home.

Non Traditional Credit Qualifies

What if you have no established credit? You may have never used credit cards, had a car loan, student loan, or mortgage. These are considered traditional means of credit which are recorded with the 3 major credit bureaus.

FHA qualifications consider non traditional credit references as proof of responsible money management. Payments like rent, utility bills, cell phone, personal loans, and even regular deposits into a savings account as proof of "credit worthiness"

So if you thought that your bad credit or non credit disqualified you from purchasing a home - think again - an FHA loan may be the answer.

Hard working families that may have damaged credit and very little down payment can still experience the joy of home ownership with an FHA loan. Qualifying is much easier than you may think - visit: FHA Loan qualification
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