Sunday, October 4, 2015

We Now Have Three More Offices Opened on the East Coast


We are now open for business on the ground in Naples Florida, Cherry Hill New Jersey, and our 3rd office is opened in Philadelphia.  Joe Perretta has opened and manages these three locations. His principal location is Naples Florida for 203k consulting.
Naples Florida main office

Joe has been consulting since 1996 and for those lenders who need a good 203k appraiser in Naples FL he can do those too. As a consultant for the FHA 203k and Homestyle Renovation Mortgage he is uniquely equipped to appraise them for you. We don't care what part of the transaction we get we are just happy to be a part of it. In addition we can do your compliance inspections as well as the Limited 203k final inspections required if they are over $15,000.

Since the new guidelines came out on the 14th of this month we can do your CIR inspection reports all over the country as well. Thank you for your support as always, we are here to serve and provide more than you expect.

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