Friday, November 6, 2015

What Should I Spend on a Remodeled Kitchen?

Who knows. I do know that was the guest speaker at a round table discussion on remodeling some time ago in San Jose. I got there a few minutes behind schedule and a San Jose Contractor was on stage talking at the time I arrived. He had videos and photos of some beautiful kitchens without a doubt.

Then he dropped the bomb on everyone when he started showing us photos of this kitchen and that and telling us the cost to do that remodel, was $70,000, and this other one at $65,000, and yet another at $80,000.

This is not to say he isn't or wasn't right but do we need these kitchens in a $300,000 or a $500,000 house... I don't think so.

This is a kitchen we put in for about $8,400.00 at retail price. The price the home owner would pay for this kitchen.

This isn't a $70,000 kitchen but it is a great kitchen for the house we put it into.

All Solid Wood Maple Cabinets with granite counter tops.

Does every home need a $70,000 kitchen, I don't think so. This kitchen made the cook in this home extremely happy.

When someone calls me to hire us and asks "What is your fee?" I cringe. How many consultants would just take the contractor bid and input it into the paperwork. We actually consult with our client. See what it is they are trying to accomplish with their renovation loan and then work to get that into their budget. It isn't about what our fee is, it is about getting you want you want at a price you might not otherwise be able to afford. We earn our fee by saving YOU money. We typically save our clients 4-5 X our FEE so you want us to give you the highest fee possible. I would think. Actually we are very competitive.

A client called the other day and asked my fee. I told her $800.00 based on her construction budget. She said another consultant told her only $350.00, I told her that I'm sure she won't be charged that. I was right. She called me back in a month and apologized. Her other consultant charged $350.00 for showing up at the inspection and then charged her $800.00 for the consultation. She actually paid $350 more thinking she was going to save money. Had we done that job she would have received better service, no bait "n" switch tactic, and we would have found a contractor that fit her needs better, providing more bang for her buck. What you pay isn't always what it costs you. You would be better to ask, "What do I get for your fee?"